Friday, September 21, 2007

ETS Initiatives

I've submitted several requests for funding this week. I don't know where they'll fall in our priority list but the list includes:

1. Computers in classrooms (funded for this year only so far)

CET has strongly recommended to the Provost the installation of computers and appropriate lecterns in the existing electronic classrooms on campus. The project was proposed by CET as a four-year implementation plan with year one being partially funded by CET innovation grant funds. $198,000 is needed to fund years two through four ($66,000 per year). It is desirable to complete the project in fewer than three years.

2. Technology support for events

There is growing demand for technology for those areas on campus that serve as prime locations for high-level events. While permanently installed technology is being addressed in the classrooms, there is a need for permanent technology in additional spaces on campus in order to provide more professional service for events held in these locations. $125,000 is necessary to address issues in the Alumnae House, Sage Concert Hall, Cutter/Ziskind Dining Room, JMG Auditorium and Weinstein Auditorium. One additional staff position in ETS is proposed to handle the evening and weekend requests.

3. Computer Resources for the Arts

While technology infrastructure to support teaching and learning has increased dramatically across campus, the arts have not been funded adequately to keep up with the rest of campus. Theatre, dance, and music faculty do not have resources to teach their classes using the latest technology so essential for graduates pursuing careers in their majors. Hillyer technology was state-of-the-art when the building was renovated, but there is not money to continue to keep equipment current. Already, computer equipment has started to reach its end-of-life.

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SCDavis said...


It might be good to also mention the condition of Sage when these conversations are going on. The ceiling is pretty much falling due to water/leaking damage. Also the shades on the windows do not work, so they can not be raised/lowered, making the room less open at time.


Tom Laughner said...

There are many spaces on campus in need of renovation. The Provost is supposedly forming a classroom committee to oversee and prioritize the needs. Stoddard Hall is another example of a classroom that needs major work (new chairs, for example).